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Let’s make a toast to Love! Proud to be a Creative Challenger at Petit Poste.

Practice this

Practice this-blog-Pauline-Hoogweg

Agreed, it doesn’t look like it, but spring is really nearly there. Better start practicing right now.

Alles begint met Passie

On Thursday, 1st of November 2012, BNO Amsterdam is organizing the event Alles begint met Passie. This event for Interior Architects is focussing on motivation, marketing and making choices. There will be a workshop Van Passie tot Promotie by Eric Stevens and I am invited to do a presentation De kerel van de Keuze – on the art of making choices. I look forward to meeting you there!

Autumn leaf?

Autumn love!

Happy Headswap Day

Write down the names of three of your most admired idols.
Can be anyone. Ghandi, Barack Obama, Simon Sinek, Dagobert Duck, Marilyn Monroe… Choose one.
Try to see everything you encounter today through his or her eyes.
Act accordingly. Exagerate. How does that feel?
You won’t know if your interpretation is right, but for sure things will look different today.

Rename it

Dinosaur’s dollhouse

Some weeks ago I saw this big Jeff Koons exhibition in Basel. And liked it.
I wanted to write something about it. I looked for clever quotes by Koons. Didn’t find any. Tried to come up with some clever remarks myself. Couldn’t write any.
So what about that exhibition? Why did I like it? What was it about?
Yes, it is about surfaces & sublime craftsmanship. And it is about the new & banality & celebration, according to Mr. Koons himself.
But most of all to me it was about becoming a child again.
Everything was huge and colorful and shiny.
A little bit like walking into a dinosaur’s dollhouse with a party going on.
A little bit.
I suggest he will use that as a starting point for his next show.
Then I will like it even better.

The All Seeing Micky Mouse

“You can only see with your heart, the essential is invisible for your eyes.”
– Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Shout this



Adequate medicine if you suffer from a sudden attack of What-if-teritus.
What if I cannot do this, what if I fail, what if shit happens? What if… ?
So what!
Let’s just start now and reflect later.
Because… What if you succeed?!

Snail down

Snail down everything today.
Talk slow, walk slow, eat slow.
Dress slow, pick up the phone slow, answer slow.
Wink slow in slow motion.
Slowing down is the perfect mind massage.


Your motivation is the password to your goal. What makes you tick?
Like passwords it can sometimes be difficult to remember.
Give it some thought and find out the answer.
You will be surprised.