Moed je doen!
is your guide on how to make your dream come true.

Have a look! Click on one of the images below and flick through some pages.

Are you on your way to realize your dream? Can you use some help? Moed je doen! will inspire you to take on the challenges you meet until you have realized your dream!


You can order Moed je doen! online at TRICHIS, BOL, BRUNA, LIBRIS. Or you can order it at your Dutch local bookstore.

What readers say

How creative, how spot-on, how practical! Moed je doen! is an extraordinary fun, remarkable and insightful book. My first impression was highly promising. Having read it now, I can tell you, it lives up to its promise. It feels very passionate and I love it. The next couple of weeks this book will accompany me, wherever I go.”
– Dorien Groot, co-founder NTI NLP Limmen

“You just have to read this book! Keep this colorful survival guide close at hand if you are in the process going from dreaming to doing. It is a small, great visual book to help people overcome their (mental) obstacles on the road to achieving succes. It’s creative and concise, so also highly recommendable for the “non-reading” dreamer! 😉 Last but not least, I really enjoy reading it.”
– Krisja Bernet, coach, consultant

“Delightful little book!”
– Ben Oostrum, product designer

“I’ve read your book now three times. Thank you! It encourages thinking and researching, sensing your dream, my own dream. In short; this book makes me happy and inspires me to act.”
– Floris, architect.

Energy boost!
“This little book is slightly different. The texts are short and encouraging, they inspire you to start realizing your dream, right now. To emphasize the story there is a great colorful illustration on each page that just radiates energy. Exit apathy, hello action!”
– Flair Magazine (Belgium/The Netherlands)

“The humor and the commitment – that is what really appealed to me. Reading this book, is like getting answers to questions that you posed to somebody sitting next to you. I like this personal style!”
– Saskia Heijne, artist