Pippi Action

Let’s (re)introduce some Pippi Action into our daily life. Even if you don’t wear braids.

I want to share with you this quote from the inspiring talk that Leendert Bikker gave at the Moed je doen! booklaunch, 12th of april, at Donner Selexyz, Rotterdam. (in Dutch)

Als er dan niemand meer gelooft wat je zegt, houdt een prachtig zinnetje van Pippi aan haar vriendjes Tommy en Annika mij op de been. Dat geldt ook voor jouw boek Pauline: “Soms zeg je zulke slimme dingen, dat ik bang ben dat je het nog ver zult brengen.” – Leendert Bikker

The All Seeing Micky Mouse

“You can only see with your heart, the essential is invisible for your eyes.”
– Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Good news

“Every time you use your memory you change it.”
– Roni Horn


“I realized that I didn’t have to qualify my ideas. I could do anything I liked, it was only a question of how I did it that would make it original. I realized then that I could go on forever. “
– Vivienne Westwood