Toddler Drawing Method

Toddler drawings-2-1-excerpt

I want to share this experience with you. Best is when you start doing it yourself. You need a stack of A4 paper, ± 10 kids color markers with stump points. Something to lay underneath, bigger then your A4 format, if you like to keep your desk clean. Make sure there is enough empty space on the table. Take your paper and put your markers around you. Start drawing like a toddler would.
If you don’t have kids or never observed them drawing, here are some tips. Stop thinking. Pick up a marker. Take it in your hand, while making a fist. This is vital: take the marker in your fist. Forget about trying to be careful with the markers or saving paper. Start drawing with all your might and energy. Maybe it is not drawing. Scratching, forcing the color down on the paper? Do not try to make something beautiful or meaningful. Get carried away. Do not linger. If you feel thoughts coming up or hesitations on how to continue. Stop. Take out the next paper. And GO!

For one thing it is liberating: it feels damn good! I call it the Toddler Drawing Method.

Dinosaur’s dollhouse

Some weeks ago I saw this big Jeff Koons exhibition in Basel. And liked it.
I wanted to write something about it. I looked for clever quotes by Koons. Didn’t find any. Tried to come up with some clever remarks myself. Couldn’t write any.
So what about that exhibition? Why did I like it? What was it about?
Yes, it is about surfaces & sublime craftsmanship. And it is about the new & banality & celebration, according to Mr. Koons himself.
But most of all to me it was about becoming a child again.
Everything was huge and colorful and shiny.
A little bit like walking into a dinosaur’s dollhouse with a party going on.
A little bit.
I suggest he will use that as a starting point for his next show.
Then I will like it even better.