Dinosaur’s dollhouse

Some weeks ago I saw this big Jeff Koons exhibition in Basel. And liked it.
I wanted to write something about it. I looked for clever quotes by Koons. Didn’t find any. Tried to come up with some clever remarks myself. Couldn’t write any.
So what about that exhibition? Why did I like it? What was it about?
Yes, it is about surfaces & sublime craftsmanship. And it is about the new & banality & celebration, according to Mr. Koons himself.
But most of all to me it was about becoming a child again.
Everything was huge and colorful and shiny.
A little bit like walking into a dinosaur’s dollhouse with a party going on.
A little bit.
I suggest he will use that as a starting point for his next show.
Then I will like it even better.

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  1. Melanie Mason wrote:

    Your comments have me intrigued! We will for sure plan a visit! It will be interesting to see what conversation is inspired amongst the family. I wonder if my toddler will agree with your dinosaur’s dollhouse impression.

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